Ichiban Sushi

11020 New St
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 869 - 3082

Our menu prices are changing.

The listed prices on this site are out of date. They will be updated soon.


1. Edamame
Cooked soybeans in their pod sprinkled w/ salt
2. Garlic Edamame
Pan stir-fried soybean w/ garlic sauce
3. Korean B.B.Q.
Grilled Short Rib marinated in Korean Kal Bi sauce, served on a sizzling plate
4. Tempura
Shrimp & Vegetables battered & deep-fried to a crispy golden brown, served w/ dipping sauce
$8.50 (All shrimp 3pcs)
5. Egg Roll
Deep-fried Japanese Style Egg Rolls served w/ tangy sauce 4pcs
6. Gyoza (Japanese Pot Sticker)
Steam Pan Fried Pot Stickers filled w/ meat & vegetables
7. Ebi Shumai
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings
8. Fried Squid
Seasoned squid lightly battered and deep-fried. Served w/ Citrus soy sauce
9. Agedashi Tofu (Deep-Fried Tofu)
Deep-Fried soybean Cake sprinkled w/ scallions and bonito flakes in sauce
10. Toriniku Tatsuta-Age (Sesame Chicken)
Bite Sized Marinated Chicken in special sauce and dusted & deep-fried
11. Ama Ebi Fry
Sweet shrimp lightly dusted and deep-fried, served w/ dipping sauce
12. Soft Shell Crab
Lightly dust battered & deep-fried. Served w/ dipping sauce
13. Yakitori (Chicken on a skewer)
Broiled chicken on skewer w/ special sauce 2pcs
14. Chicken Katsu on Skewer
Breaded & Deep-Fried Chicken on Skewer
15. Fish Tempura
White Fish Battered & Deep-Fried to a golden brown, served w/ special sauce
16. Scallop Teriyaki or Sauteed Garlic & Butter
Sauteed Scallop, choice of teriyaki or fresh garlic & butter
17. Kaki (Oyster) Fry (4pcs)
Fresh shucked oysters breaded, deep-fried & served w/ a tangy katsu sauce
18. Pacific Farmed Oysters
Half-Shell Oyster sprinkled w/ chives, dot of hot sauce in citrus soy sauce
$5.00 (2pcs)
$10.00 (4pcs)
$15.00 (6pcs)
19. Baked Mussel
New Zealand Green mussel pasted w/ Japanese mayonnaise & masago w/ light touch of spice, baked to light brown 4pcs
20. Grilled Yellowtail or Salmon Collar
21. Chicken Teriyaki
22. Beef Teriyaki


Rice $1.50
House Salad $1.50
Sushi Rice $1.50
Miso Soup $1.50


Ichiban Lunch Special $9.95
Chicken Teriyaki,
California Roll,and
Fish Cutlet
served with soup, salad, and rice

Ichiban Dinner Special $19.95
Chicken Teriyaki,
or Beef Teriyaki $20.95
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura,
Sashimi, and
California Roll
served with soup, salad, and rice

Ichiban Teishoku $35.00Japanese Traditional Dinner Course
Miso Soup & Salad
Choice of Salmon, Chicken, or Beef Teriyaki
Ice Cream

Children's Plate $8.5010 years old and under only
Chicken Teriyaki
or Beef Teriyaki $9.50
served with soup, salad, and rie
not available for Take Out


Served with soup, salad, and rice
Lunch Dinner
E1. Beef Teriyaki
Broiled Thin Cut Steak Topped w/ Special Ichiban Teriyaki Sauce
$13.95 $15.95
E2. Chicken Teriyaki
Broiled Boneless, Skinless Chicken Topped w/ Special Teriyaki Sauce
$9.95 $12.95
E3. Salmon Teriyaki
Filet of Salmon broiled & topped w/ Teriyaki Sauce
$12.95 $14.50
E4. Salmon Shio-Yaki
Filet of Salmon broiled w/ sprinkle of sea salt
$12.95 $14.50
E5. Saba Shio-Yaki
Filet of Japanese Mackerel broiled w/ sprinkle of sea salt
$12.50 $13.50
E6. Beef Cutlet
Breaded & Deep-Fried Beef served w/ tangy Special Sauce
$13.95 $15.95
E7. Chicken Cutlet
Breaded & Deep-Fried Chicken served w/tangy Special Sauce
$9.95 $12.95
E8. Assorted Tempura
Shrimp & Vegetables Dipped in Tempura Batter & Shallow Fried to a Golden Crisp. Served w/ dipping sauce
$9.95 $11.95
E9. Vegetable Tempura
Vegetables Dipped in Tempura Batter & Shallow Fried to a Golden Crisp served w/ dipping sauce
$9.95 (10pc) $11.95 (12pc)
E10. Shrimp Tempura
Shrimp Dipped in Tempura Batter & Shallow Fried to a Golden Crisp served w/ dipping sauce
$11.95 $13.95
E11. Shiromi Batayaki
Pan Fried White Fish with butter & Special Seasoning. Served w/ dipping sauce
$13.50 $14.50
E12. Beef Batayaki
Pan stir-fried vegetables & beef in butter w/ Asian flavored seasoning. Served w/ dipping sauce
$13.50 $14.50
E13. Chicken Batayaki
Pan stir-fried vegetables & boneless, skinless chicken in butter w/ Asian flavored seasoning. Served w/ dipping sauce
$13.50 $14.50


Served with Soup and Salad
Lunch Dinner
C1. Sushi or Sashimi + Assorted Tempura $14.95 $16.95
C2. Sushi or Sashimi + Beef Teriyaki $15.95 $17.95
C3. Sushi or Sashimi + Chicken Teriyaki $14.95 $16.95
C4. Assorted Tempura + Beef Teriyaki $13.95 $15.95
C5. Assorted Tempura + Chicken Teriyaki $11.95 $13.95
C6. Assorted Tempura + California Roll $9.95 $11.95
C7. Beef Teriyaki + California Roll $13.95 $14.95
C8. Chicken Teriyaki + California Roll $10.95 $13.95
C9. Beef Teriyaki + Gyoza $15.95
C10. Chicken Teriyaki + Gyoza $12.95
C11. Beef + Chicken Teriyaki $13.95 $15.95
C12. Assorted Tempura + Beef + California Roll $16.95 $17.95
C13. Assorted Tempura + Chicken + California Roll $14.95 $15.95


Served with Salad
Lunch Dinner
N1. Tempura Udon
Japanese Thick Noodle Soup topped with shrimp & vegetable tempura, green onion
$9.95 $11.95
N2. Beef or Chicken Udon
Japanese Thick Noodle Soup with beef or chicken and green onion
$9.95 $11.95
N3. Plain Udon
Japanese Thick Noodle Soup
$8.95 $9.25
N4. Nabeyaki Udon
Japanese Thick Noodle Soup w/ chicken, vegetable, fish cake, egg, shrimp tempura, bamboo shoot, baby corn onion, cooked in hot pot
$12.95 $13.95

From Sushi Bar (Served to table)

Served with Soup and Salad
Lunch Dinner
F1. Ichiban Sushi Regular
Chef's Special assortment of a roll and 8 pieces of Nigiri sushi
$16.95 $16.95
F2. Ichiban Nigiri (Chef's signature plate for sushi lovers)
10 pieces of raw fish (some are cooked) on hand molded sushi rice
$19.95 $19.95
F3. Sushi Plate
4pcs California Roll, Chef's choice of 6pcs, Roll and 4pcs. of Nigiri sushi
F4. Sashimi Plate
Chef's special assortment of thin sliced raw fish/seafood
$22.95 (12pcs) $26.95 (16pcs)
F5. Sashimi & Sushi Combination w/ Rice
Chef's assortment of 8 sliced raw fish, a roll, and an assortmanet of 6pcs Nigiri sushi
$24.95 $24.95
F6. Tekka Don
Fresh slices of Tuna over Sushi rice
$21.95 $21.95
F7. Chirashi Sushi
Chef's special assortment of sliced raw & cooked fish on top of sushi rice
$23.95 $23.95
F8. Unajyu
B.B.Q. Eel with Special Unagi Sauce over Rice in a Japanese box
$21.95 $24.95


S1. Spicy Tuna Salad
Fresh salad, Thin Slices of Cucumber topped with spicy tuna salad with Ponzu sauce
S2. Sashimi Salad
Fresh Salad, Thin Slices of Cucumber topped with sashimi from sushi bar
S3. Sunomono
Assorted Fresh Seafood, Thin Slices of Cucumber with scitrus soy sauce salad
S4. Seaweed Salad
S5. Octopus Salad
S6. Cucumber Salad
S7. Poki
Tuna, Salmon with special sauce

Special Sashimi

P1. Sliced Tilapia in Lemon Juice
Thin slices of Red Snapper sprinkled with sea salt, chives, in lemon juice
P2. Seared Albacore w/ Masago on Cilantro Chutney
P3. Albacore Tataki Sashimi
P4. Torched Hamachi Sashimi
P5. Tuna Tataki Sashimi


B1. Dynamite
Mild or spicy baked creamy seafood
B2. Dynamite Roll
California roll with dynamite
B3. Stuffed Mushroom
Stuffed with imitation crab and fried
B4. Stuffed Jalapeno
Stuffed with spicy tuna and fried
B5. Baked Mussel

Add to Order

Avocado $1.50 - $3.00
Cucumber $1.00 - $3.00
Jalapeno $1.00 - $2.00
Soy Paper $1.50
Spicy Mayo $0.75
Cilantro Sauce $2.50
Cream Cheese $1.50
Quail Egg $1.50
Shisho Leaf $1.00
Teriyaki Sauce $1.00
Unagi Sauce $1.00


1. Aki
Spicy tuna, avocado, seared albacore, green onion, fish flakes, ponzu sauce
2. Alaska
CA w/ asparagus, cucumber, cream cheese, carrot,zuke, salmon, raspberry sauce
3. DUI
Spicy tuna, avocado, salmon ponzu sauce
4. Caterpillar
Unagi, avocado, masago, green onion
5. Firecracker
Spicy scallop, spicy tuna, tempura fritters
6. House
CA w/ tuna, albacore, green onion, masago
7. John Wayne
Beef Teriyaki Roll
8. Marlow
Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, tempura fritter, unagi sauce
9. Philly
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber
10. Pong (Fried)
Spicy tuna, cream cheese, green onion, unagi sauce
11. Power
CA w/ asparagus, cucumber, carrot, zuke, unagi, avocado, unagi sauce
12. Rainbow
CA, assorted fish, green onion, masago
13. Seattle
Grilled salmon, spicy mayo, cilantro, tempura fritters, unagi sauce unagi sauce
14. Snake
CA, unagi, unagi sauce, green onion, masago
15. Spyder
Fried soft shell crab, avocado masago
16. Sunset (Baked)
CA, salmon, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, G. onion
17. Tiger
Shrimp tempura roll, prawns, unagi sauce, avocado
18. Tuna Match
Spicy tuna, tuna, avocado
19. Vampire
CA, asparagus, spicy tuna, tempura fritters, spicy garlic sauce
20. Geisha
INNER: spicy tuna shrimptempura cucumber
OUTER: tuna, salmon, yellowtail
TOP: deep fried onion
21. Baked Lobster
Crunchy roll, baked langostine
22. Popcorn
Spicy tuna roll, deep fried crawfish
23. B38
DUI w/ shrimp tempura
24. Fried CA Roll
25. House Rainbow
Rainbow w/ more tuna, albacore inside, green onion, masago
26. Hot Nite
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, tempura fritters
27. Salmon Skin
28. Spicy Scallop
29. California
30. Avocado
31. Cucumber
32. Crunchy Deluxe
33. Spicy Tuna
*Seaweed Outside $4.75
*Jumbo $6.75
34. Tuna
35. CA Roll w/ masago
36. Sally
37. Salmon Skin Hand R.
38. Spicy Albacore
39. Spicy Scallop Hand R.
40. Shrimp Tempura
41. Crunchy Roll
42. Spring
43. Unagi
44. Vegetable

Sushi & Sashimi

Albacore $4.95 $13.95
Hamach $5.25 $14.95
Halibut $5.75 $15.95
Makerel $4.75 $12.95
Octopus $5.75 $14.95
Tilapia $4.75 $11.95
Salmon $4.9 .$13.95
Smoked Salmon $5.50 $14.95
Tuna $4.95 $13.95
Escolar $4.95 $13.95
Uni M.P. M.P.
Unagi $5.75 $14.95
Ama Ebi $9.95
Ebi $8.95
Surf Clam $4.75
Big Scallop $6.25
Cuttlefish $5.25
Ikura $6.25
Scallop $4.95
Fatty Tuna-Toro M.P.

Party Platters

*We Make Special Orders

*Party A
60pcs. Nigiri Sushi

*Party B
Tuna Match

*Party C
Sushi & Roll Combo 24pcs.
CA Roll 30pcs.
Sushi (Nigiri) Tuna,

*Party D
64 pcs of CA/Sally Roll

*We weill customize to fit your needs and budget



Small Large
A1. Beer
Asahi, Sapporo, Kirin, Hite
$4.00 $7.50
A3. Hot Sake
$4.00 $7.50
A4. Cold Sake Bottle
Hakutsuru (300ml) $16.00
Hana Awaka (250ml) $10.00
Kekkeikan (375ml) $13.00
Nigori (milky) (375ml) $12.00
Kikusui (300ml) $18.00
(720ml) $50.00
(1800ml) $100.00
A5. Oyster Shooter
Oyster, quail egg, smelt egg, chive, hot sauce, ponzu sauce in cold sake
A6. Uni Shooter


*Corkage Fee $15.00
Glass Bottle
W1. Cabernet Sauvignon $7.00 $28.00
W2. Merlot $7.00 $28.00
W3. Chardonnay $6.50
W4. White Zinfandel $6.50
W5. Plum Wine $6.50

Soft Drinks

D1. Green tea (Hot) $3.25
D2. Soda $3.25 (+refill)
D3. Iced Tea $3.25 (+refill)
D4. Iced Green Tea $2.99
D5. Bottled Water $2.00
D6. Sparkling Water $2.50


T1. Ice cream $3.50
T2. Mochi (rice cake) ice cream $3.50
T3. Fried banana with ice cream $5.95